Welcome to ChristianCarlyBlog.com! I have recently started my own business as a Christian fitness mentor. I used to struggle with my weight, body image, and binge eating. Now that God has helped me be grateful for my body and maintain a 50-pound weight loss, I aim to inspire women that our value is not in a number on the scale, but in God’s love!

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My business is online, so can help clients from everywhere! My husband Elijah and I sold our house, resigned from our corporate jobs, and moved into a used RV to travel through America. We plan to put down roots in a small town and adopt foster children.

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Adoption Journey

Follow the adventure as my husband Elijah and I move across the country and adopt foster children.

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Inspirational Christians

Read about the amazing work God is doing through the lives of inspirational Christians.

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Songs and Scripture

Click to see what a bikini has to do with God’s promises!