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God is working through this blog to share testimonies of those who love Him. This blog will also chronicle the journey as my husband Elijah and I move across the country and adopt foster children as Christians.

TrueLife Fellowship Podcast

TrueLife Fellowship Podcast

A Good Christian Podcast: Pastor DaVon Alexander from TrueLife Fellowship Church

2,465 miles: That’s how far I had to go. Let me explain.

In my search for a good Christian podcast, I tested many genres: good Christian podcasts for women, for professionals, for wives. I would type in topics such as “marriage” or “peace” and listen to options that came up. I listened to sermons from pastors of every denomination. Nothing pulled me in. I asked God to lead me to teachings that would help me to know and understand Him.


You can access the podcast by clicking this button on your iPhone and searching for “truelifefellowship church.”

You can access the podcast by clicking this button on your iPhone and searching for “truelifefellowship church.”

God answered. One morning, I typed in “give thanks”. An icon popped up: A podcast by Pastor DaVon Alexander from TrueLife Fellowship Church in Matthews, North Carolina. Even through the tiny podcast icon on my phone, I felt a warmth when looking at Pastor DaVon’s beaming smile. I hit “play,” and Pastor DaVon’s upbeat and encouraging voice filled the room. I knew God had led me to the good Christian podcast I had been searching for.

This photo of Pastor DaVon and his wife Stacy is from

This photo of Pastor DaVon and his wife Stacy is from


Throughout all his sermons, Pastor DaVon tells jokes and amusing stories about his life to keep the sermon relatable. I think he has a great balance of weaving in personal stories while keeping the focus on Scripture. It is endearing when he mentions his wife, Stacy. He speaks of her with love and admiration. He will share instances about how she encourages and prays for him, and laughs with him too. I know this is a good Christian podcast because it inspires me to be a godly woman for my husband as well.

I look forward to the day when my husband and I adopt our foster children. I enjoy Pastor DaVon’s stories about his children and the joy that his family brings. Pastor DaVon related a time when he and his family prayed together, and as soon as the prayer was over, he grabbed the remote and switched on the TV. His son observed, “Dad, we took the time to pray, but not the time to listen.” Pastor Devon explained that this comment made him remember to consciously be still and devote time to hear what God wants to tell him. Since then, I have been making a point in my own life to take quiet moments with no distractions so I can give God my whole heart and attention.

"Thank you, Lord"

Pastor DaVon’s podcast is a true inspiration to all Christians.

Pastor DaVon’s podcast is a true inspiration to all Christians.

I enjoy sharing lessons and parts of the good Christian podcast with my husband. One of Pastor DaVon’s stories that has impacted our lives is from when he was in California and running errands with a woman from the church he was visiting. In the car and throughout the errands, the woman kept saying “Thank you Lord.” They stopped at a red light, and she said, “Thank you, Lord.” They found a parking spot, and she said, “Thank you, Lord.” They walked into a store where the doors automatically opened, and she said, “Thank you, Lord.”

Pastor DaVon relayed that he couldn’t figure out why the woman kept saying this constantly, even during small moments. Then God spoke to him. We can never be too thankful. There is no such thing as giving God too much praise. Now, throughout the day, I say “Thank you, Lord” every moment I can remember. I thank Him for the beautiful flowers my husband planted for me in the yard; that my hearing is fine and that I have the ability to hear worship music; that my internet is running and I can do my work; that I have a safe place to sleep, etc. This good Christian podcast has helped me change my attitude to one of thankfulness and has made me reframe the way I view the world and treat others. I say, “Thank you, Lord” for inspiring Pastor DaVon to share this story!

"I believe"

truelife makeup.jpg

Whenever Pastor DaVon directs his congregation to a certain verse in the Bible, the congregation says in chorus “I believe” as they turn to the verse. He explained that this is to show that we believe in the power and truth of God’s Word. Now I say “I believe” along with the congregation, and picture myself there among them!

The podcast keeps me company while I apply my eyeshadow.

Before I accepted Jesus, I would linger in bed after my alarm sounded, dreading the day ahead. Now that I have found a good Christian podcast, I wake up with excitement. I can’t wait to start the day with Pastor DaVon’s Biblical-based teachings. His friendly voice and God’s Word keep me company in the early morning hours while I smooth on my face cream, brush my teeth, and apply my eyeshadow.


Pastor DaVon is upfront that he is not perfect, and he shares stories about how he is learning and growing. This makes me feel comfortable about sharing my own trials during my small groups and Bible study meetings. In listening to the good Christian podcast, I realize that it’s okay when I make mistakes, because God loves me and will forgive me when I come to Him with a repentant heart.


In the episode I played this morning, Pastor DaVon read one of my favorite verses:

“I have hidden your word in my heart

that I might not sin against you.”

–Psalm 119:11.

The pastor emphasized the importance of not only reading the Bible, but also deliberately remembering what verse/ verses we read. He suggested placing an hourly pop-up reminder on the calendar with a key verse or passage. I set up a reminder as of today, and I can’t wait to see how God will use this reminder from the good Christian podcast to bear fruit.

Through the miles

TrueLife Fellowship Church is 2,465 miles from my current home in Southern California. The distance is no match for God. God answered my prayer for a good Christian podcast. I praise God for faithful believers like Pastor DaVon who are dedicated to spreading the good news of love and salvation through Christ.

To hear the sermons, you can type in “Davon Alexander” into the iPhone podcast app, or listen online.

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